Hello world,

I am assuming that since you have navigated to this blog you have a good understanding of who I am and what I am doing, so there is no need to spend paragraphs introducing myself.  The short of it is that I just graduated from Yale and I am now spending nine months in China studying Chinese in the IUP program hosted by Berkelee College at Tsinghua University in Beijing.  You probably already know that I have been to China twice before in intensive language programs, but this time promises to be a completely different story.  For starters, the duration of this trip will be twice as long as both of my stays in China combined.  Furthermore, this time around I will be truly living the Beijing life – renting an apartment, cooking food (maybe), experiencing for the first time Chinese autumn, winter and spring, and much more.

Another big difference is that I am committed to doing a decent job of documenting my adventures here.  To the many fans who read my blog two summers ago describing my first experiences in Beijing, you may remember that the Daily Dumpling often fell short of its promise.  In honesty, I don’t think that the blog ever once lived up to its name.  Consequently, I became disheartened, and with each missed post was less motivated to salvage the blog.  Which is why this year I am proudly introducing the Weekly Wonton, a blog with more modest aspirations, that may prove to be a far more fulfilling blogging experience for both the writer and reader.  Throughout the course of my nine month adventures, there may be weeks during which I blog several times, and weeks of no blogging at all, but it is my goal to average at least one blog post a week.

On top of this I am doing something exciting and new!  Just before boarding my plane to Beijing, I purchased a digital camera, which I have been carrying with me at all times since.  I’ve been taking a few pictures every day (and plan to continue to do so) and I will be uploading these pictures daily (I hope) to my flickr photo stream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/weeklywonton/.  I’m going to try to be consistent about this so there should at least some new content every day or so.  For those of you who just can’t get enough of my blog, the weekly wonton flickr photo stream is a great place to go for bonus multimedia updates.

So that’s the promise of the weekly wonton: weekly blog posts and daily (ish) photo uploads.  I hope you enjoy.  Leave comments on my stuff so I know you care.